I want to be a journalist. What better way to get prepared for that than start a blog?

I wanted to start something new to bring in 2013 and a blog is what I chose. I am a senior in high school with plans to go to a state college next year and start a career in journalism. I have a small job at my church caring for kids once a week. A whopping $150 a month. Sure, I don’t need to pay rent or for food, but I will soon. And at the moment I’m a fashionista who has to buy cloths on a budget.

I love to DIY often, and that’s what my pinterest account is for, finding ways to make beauty products or revamp old clothes. This is where I’ll share that. If something really fails you’ll know and if something works, I’ll spread word. I’m also hoping to write about issues in the world, since this is what I really want to write about when I make it in the adult world. But, I’ll also share outfits that are hits and how to find the same or similar outfits. I’m all about politics, world issues, fashion, and fun. I’m a mix of everything. Nerd, girly girl, Wallflower, and sometimes life of the party.

This blog will be a mish-mash of so much, but that’s what’s going to make it fun, and me.