Today is an important day in the history of women. To be totally honest I hadn’t even realized that all this time women had never seen combat. What, are we too fragile? 

I’m not your “classic” feminist where I hate all men and think women should have all the power. None the less, I’m a women who is proud to see us moving forward every day. I hate war so it pains me to think that this was ever needed-man or women-but it is still important that women can make this step. 

Men are babies sometimes, and women have been fighting through sickness and harm to care for these men and their children, why can’t they fight for our country? Now they can. It’s an important step. Now women can gain more power in the military. They can lead, and that may mean that they can begin to lead in other ways. We may see a women president elected next time around; not just run, but be elected. Who knows where this will lead? 

Maybe this isn’t as big a jump for us women as gaining the right to vote was, but it is a huge step for any women in the military and I congratulate every one of them that has gained something they may have thought was never going to happen to them.Image

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