Yesterday I found out that a boy who went to my Elementary, Middle, and High schools died. A boy I had a crush on in the 4th grade. Who stood next to me as we paraded down the hallway in our Halloween costumes. A boy that I didn’t know well but had always been there somewhere. And now isn’t.

He was my age. Eighteen. An age full of wonder and opportunity. An age that is endless. College or other life opportunities are coming our way and he won’t have the chance to take them up in his arms and accept them. He will be missed by many. Even some who had yet to meet him. With so much of a life that was left empty in front of him; he could have met the girl of his dreams and found an amazing job. Maybe he would have traveled the world. Found himself. Now he cannot.

I feel sorry for his family and all of his close friends. I am going through so much pain and I didn’t even know him well. Just knowing that life is so uncertain makes my heart ache. I can’t believe that his life has been cut so short and that all the opportunities I will have come my way will not come his.

Life is a beautiful thing and I wish he could have seen that for more years to come. His face lit up many people’s lives and I will never forget it. I will never forget when he had frosted tips and was the coolest kid in class. I will never forget watching him and the rest of the football team kick ass at the homecoming games I never failed to miss. I will never forget working with him on group projects. I will never forget the day I found out he had left us. His life was short but full. He had many people who loved him and many people who knew him for being a kind person. He never seemed to hate and he always seemed to have people around him who cared. His life was beautiful and all too short.

Not every day is guaranteed and the most important thing we can learn from this is to talk to people when we are scared and to live your life in a way that will not make you regret it if you are taken from this earth too soon. I hope that whatever the after life is, it treats this soul kindly. I hope he gets a second chance at life or that he gets to lie in peace knowing what he did through life was right. I hope no more suffering comes to him. I hope that one day, no matter how far from now, his family will accept what happened and can also find peace in his passing.